True or False


Steven Berkoff


Sunday Productions for Channel 4, 1989 to 27 April 1990 (2 series)


This was a prime time spin-off version of a section that originally formed a small part of the magazine show Network 7.

Steven Berkoff, a British thesp best known for playing Lt. Col Podovsky in Rambo: First Blood Part II, introduces three films of strange tales which are dramatically re-enacted in the documentary style. There are no contestants other than yourself - you just shout at the screen whether you think the story was True or False. Occasionally 'slebs like Marie Helvin and Danny Baker would make an appearance as part of the stories.

In the second series, there was, ooooh, interactivity! A live telephone vote was held and the results were shown on screen so that you could see the opinion of the Great British Public.


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