Unbeatable Banzuke



Brian Blessed (as Banzuke Brian)


Challenge, 6 October to 21 November 2008


Brian Blessed hosts and provides a running commentary as we are treated (is that the right word? OK) to another Japanese game show featuring contestants attempting to complete improbable obstacle courses.

Much of the action revolves around an indoor obstacle course which it itself wouldn't be too difficult if it weren't for the fact the contestants usually have to complete it by some unusual means. Using stilts, pogo sticks, or walking on your hands are all commonly featured ways of navigating the course. Away from the obstacle course other events include trying to balance see-saws with weights, or attempting to use a sledgehammer to reduce the height of a tower, one block at a time from the bottom without causing a collapse. It's all fairly standard fare, but is mildly engaging, with Brian Blessed's exuberant commentary adding an extra element programme.


A British version, Under Pressure, had previously been broadcast by Channel 5 in 2001.

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