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Expectation for Dave, 2 February 2021 to present


According to a press release:

Favourite comics and celebrities compete to convince Mel Giedroyc that they are the most Unforgivable person in the room. To do this they will have to dredge up their most outrageous sins, lies, legal transgressions and morally bankrupt behaviour.
In each episode three celebrities come clean and regale tales of their most despicable deeds and uncharitable behaviour as they are probed by host Mel and her sinful sidekick Lou Sanders for all the dastardly details, in the show that scratches away at the polished and preened surfaces of some of the nation's favourite faces to reveal their dark underbellies.

Mel Giedroyc.

The show splits into four rounds, beginning with "Original Sin", a tale from the panelist's childhood. "The Payback Shack" holds a mystery guest familiar to one of the panel, who are invited to guess who it is and why they might be there.

"Damning Evidence" has physical props brought in by a small drone, again to clue in an anecdote from someone. "Takes One to Know One" has members of the public in the confessional, with the panel invited to fill in blanks in their tale.

Lou Sanders.

The presentation is designed to be opaque. Mel Giedroyc keeps a somewhat arbitrary score by awarding minus points. Lou Sanders writes down all the bad doings like some sort of administrative under-devil. There are gimmicks - drones in the studio, a very long microphone for Mel - perhaps a little too much gimmickery.

At heart, Unforgivable is a cosy panel show, where entertaining guests tell embarrassing stories of their misdeeds in the past, and perhaps confront one of the people they've wronged. The show might be a little saggy in the middle, it would benefit from an extra round somewhere, but it's a decent watch.

Series 2 dropped "Damning Evidence".

Key moments

Blind comedian Chris McCausland's reaction to being wrong gonged.

Theme music

Sanj Sen, credited for "Music". It's an atmospheric mixture of church organ and contemporary beats.


Mid-programme digital on-screen graphics advertising the show contained a clanger - they misspelt the host's surname as "Giedrocy".

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