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Playing the game TV game show addicts can log on to a lively website that hass all the answers and more

Game shows are the staple TV programmes that have blessed ordinary folk with riches and even instant fame. And, as evidenced by the meteoric rise of Noel Edmonds' Deal or no Deal, there is little sign of them going away. A guides to the genre go, is deservedly the most popular. It has more than 1,800 articles, many of which can be found in the A-Z guides to Shows and People. There are items on auditioning for shows, their history and an annual poll for "Best Game Show of All Time". This year it included the first "Best Host of All Time" chart since 2002, won by Bruce Forsyth.

Much of the site's appeal can be credited to its resident scribe, Iain Weaver. As well as a guide to the coming week's game show itinerary, his "Weaver's Week" column is compulsory reading for thos who have missed out on recent shows. He recounts all the latest happenings and dishes out the starter and bonus percentages from University Challenge for stats-obsessives, along with "good starter" examples, such as "In the periodic classification of the elements, which compound is produced when hydrogen combines with the element in group 6, period 2?" It's like being in the studio with Paxo. Well, almost.

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