Alun Williams (2005-7)
Mari Grug (2006-7)
Alex Jones (2005-7)
Elain Edwards (2005)


Voice of Mr. Bob - Not known (2005-7)
Voice of Eddie Butler - Not known (2006-7)
Voice of Emma Worthington - Emma Walford (2006-7)


S4C Continuity Department for S4C, 2005 to 2007


Quite cheap but cheerful interactive game show for children broadcast within the continuity slots of S4C's Planed Plant service. Using the latest in WAP technology (hence the name) and live voice-activated animation, the show took up a large amount of the day's continuity junctions between kids' shows. At least four callers take part within each episode. There were two heats and a final every day (each involving a number of live games). It's not quite that high-tech since you still have to say commands down the phone.

Anyway, the first series was a stand-alone series - but still live and produced by S4C Continuity. But from the second series onwards, it was merged into Planed Plant and the in-vision announcers were asked to present the programme for a good reason (see Trivia). Later series also saw comedy characters Eddie Butler (Hotel Eddie) and Emma Worthington (Hotel Eddie and Crafwr) introduced to the voice cast.


The in-vision announcers from Planed Plant became presenters of WAP! after a technical breakdown in the first series when the voice-activated animation system crashed on-air leaving viewers with little more than silent, jerky animation for a few minutes.

Only the first heat was broadcast on both S4C analogue and digital services. The second heat and the final were broadcast on digital only.

As we understand, the show may have now ended it's run. S4C closed down its in-house children's continuity department in October 2007 and handed over control to Boomerang, an independent production company. However, there are some assurances that WAP-based games will continued to be used on-air.


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