Nick Weir


Announcer: Stuart Hall


Granada for ITV, 24 March to 24 June 1998 (37 episodes in 1 series)


When this was broadcast, the highlight of our day was making a point to miss Waffle, a truly awful game show by any standards.

It's based on the not-terribly-well-made board game Hudson's Rebus (which, incidentally, includes a board "as an afterthought"). It's basically a version of Catchphrase but more obscure - you identify individual words through rebuses, rather than well-known phrases. There are about six rounds, but they are all so similar there might as well be two - the beginning and the end.

It's hard to work out what's the worst thing about it - whether it's the way that the host has to explain to the contestants what the puzzles mean because they're so badly-constructed, whether it's the way the set is constructed so that the audience can't actually see what's going on, whether it's the not terribly engaging host... no, it's the first one.

Key moments

Stuart Hall's manic voice-overs - especially on episodes when he was appearing as a contestant as well!

While Waffle was being broadcast, Kevin Lloyd (Tosh Lines in The Bill) died. He was a contestant in several episodes of the series.

Theme music

Andy Blythe and Marten Joustra

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