Wanted Launch

WANTED - Original programme launch press release

Wednesday 30th October, 8:30pm

WANTED - A brand new, unique and daring action adventure show.

Described as "The Running Man meets Treasure Hunt", Wanted is a brand new live adventure game show that handsomely rewards ingenuity and resourcefulness. Three teams of two are on the run - the runners. They are being relentlessly pursued by three single-minded individuals - the trackers.

From the Wanted headquarters the trackers are aided by experts - which will be former KGB double-agent and novelist OLEG GORDIEVSKY and former Commander of the Flying Squad, JOHN O'CONNOR. Hosting the show will be journalist/TV presenter RICHARD LITTLEJOHN.

Each day the runners remain at large they are financially rewarded. For each whole week that the runners are on the loose, the prize money increases dramatically. In theory, if a team remain on the run for the whole duration of the series being on air they can take home nearly £60,000.

Also, the runners will be required to perform a daily task. This could range from donating blood to gate-crashing a wedding. If they complete the task, which must be filmed for proof, they will earn a £1,000 per day. But if they get recorded on film on any part of the day by the tracker they lose that day's money. The other drawback is that the trackers know the tasks as well...

Do the runners stand a chance? Well, they have a map, a daily amount of cash to spend and their wits. And there is only one rule in Wanted. Don't be caught. Our intrepid trackers are DAVE McBRIDE, a former SAS trainee, VICTORIA FAY, an investigative journalist and PAUL DENCHFIELD, a manager of a indie-pop band.

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