Wanted Rules






  • Must not break the laws of the land
  • Must not act in a manner which brings the 'Wanted' programme, Hewland International or Channel 4 into disrepute
  • Must not take unnecessary or reckless risks or place themselves in danger
  • Must agree to run for the entire 8 weeks of the series to the best of their ability
  • Must accept that the producer's decision is final regarding the changing or interpretation of any of the rules:

Tasks and Prize money

  • Runners will accumulate a £1,000 per day, if they accomplish the following:
  • They must perform a designated task each day which will be confirmed to them in writing by the Producer and which can be changed at any time at the Producer's discretion.
  • They must attempt a task every day.
  • They must provide video evidence of successful completion of the task each day. This must be sent back each day by methods dictated by the Producer, together with receipts of money spent, on a daily basis.
  • They must avoid being filmed together or individually by their Tracker at any time during that day as this will immediately invalidate any prize money accumulated that day for the completion of the task


  • Runners must always act, plan routes and travel in a manner that will ensure their personal safety
  • May not travel between midnight and 6.00 am. (They may not leave their B&B or friend's house).
  • For safety reasons, runners must not sleep rough, without prior permission.
  • Must always travel with their running partner (same bus, train etc.)
  • Must always use public transport - buses, trains, coaches, taxis, ferries and planes. These modes of transport must offer a regular, scheduled service to the public.
  • Must not hitchhike
  • May not travel in private vehicles (except licensed mini-cabs). They may not get lifts from friends in cars, barges, boats etc. They may not hire cars, buy cars, use bicycles.
  • May walk and run.


Runners will be provided with an Ordnance Survey map of mainland Great Britain which will be divided into 10km grid squares - the basis of the game.


  • May not stay in a grid square for more than 24 hours
  • May not return to a grid square once they have passed through it
  • May not travel outside MAINLAND Britain
  • Must cross reference their grid square route every day with the Runner Producer
  • Must take responsibility for accurately checking grid squares and ensuring that planned journeys adhere to the rules of the game.


  • Runners can NOT use their own money. They must survive on the £60 daily allowance each, provided by the Wanted organisation.
  • Can withdraw up to a maximum of £200 of accumulated money on any one day.
  • Must withdraw their money in person.
  • Will forfeit the use of their credit cards, cheque books and any other access to money for the duration of their run.


  • May alter their appearance provided that they do not wear disguises.
  • Hats and glasses are permissible but runners must not use wigs, masks, fancy dress costumes, cross-dress, false noses, beards, moustaches, glasses (unless usually worn) prosthetics etc. or attempt to change their appearance by any 'unnatural' means.

Checking in


  • Must report to the Runner Producer each day by 8.30 am with the address (including post code) and telephone number of where they spent the previous night. At this time they must confirm a list of the grid squares that they travelled through the previous day. At 9.00am the Tracker is told where the runners spent the night, grid squares and task details.
  • Must find a landline three times a day and ring the Runner Producer. She will then return that call to check on the runners whereabouts and identify the grid squares used.
  • There must be no telephone communication between Runners and their Trackers or vice versa.

Live Show

  • Must report to the Runner Producer by noon on Saturday (the day before transmission) to nominate the grid square they will be in for the live show.
  • Producers have the right to request you to nominate and move to, an alternative grid square, if your first choice square has already been chosen by another team, is impractical for outside broadcast or security reasons such as Airports / Military Installations. Flight paths are often a problem.
  • If you have been requested to move squares and choose a square further than an adjacent one, the Company will provide transport for your chosen journey.
  • Must agree to be in that grid square by 12 midnight on Saturday. (The Tracker is not allowed to move on the night before transmission between 12 midnight and 6.00 am).
  • Must agree to nominate, to the Runner Producer, (who will keep the information confidential), 2 phone boxes (a first and second choice in case the first choice presents technical difficulties in sending OB pictures) that they will use for the live show by 8.00 am on Sunday.
  • Must identify that phone box by address and phone number.
  • The phone box must be outside - not inside a roofed building or under cover as this would prevent reception and transmission of live pictures. The phone box does not have to be BT. The phone box must have been personally recede by the contestants and the phone checked to be working.
  • Must be in their nominated phone box 15 mins before the beginning of the live show for sound and picture checks ie: at 6.15 pm.
  • Must not prevent the Tracker from entering the phone box by any reasonable means.
  • Must not leave that phone box until cleared by the Runner Producer at the end of the show. Even if they can see the Tracker coming towards them.
  • Must stay on the phone the whole time during transmission
  • Must have their mobile phone fully charged and with them throughout the programme
  • Must not swear or behave in such a manner that would cause offence or bring Hewland International, C4 or the programme into disrepute
  • No alcohol is to be consumed on the live programme and no smoking during transmission.
  • Requests from the public to use your phone should be handled by you where possible. We provide you with phone cards for this purpose. A security guard will be stationed at a discrete distance from the phone box in case of emergencies. Only in the event of personal danger must you leave the phone box.
  • Elimination of Runners during the programme transmission occurs if the Tracker allocated to them discovers them in their nominated phone box within the one hour of the live broadcast.

New additional Rule for Series 2

  • During the live programme the presenter may seek additional information about the location of your phone box. This will happen if our Trackers have no other clue as to where you are. He will offer you the opportunity to sell this information for a fixed price. The information he requests could be numbers from your phone number, letters from your street name, camera views of the area around the phone box.
  • The money you are offered for this information will be added to the prize money you have accumulated during the week, if you survive the live programme without being caught. Obviously if you are caught you will lose this money.
  • The price offered for this information will be non negotiable. You must either accept or refuse it. If you refuse it you will be obliged to perform a "stunt" as requested by the presenter. This too is designed to provide us with clues as to the whereabouts of the phone box. And once again you will be paid additional prize money for performing the stunt, provided you survive the live show uncaught. The stunt could be anything, from getting a pizza delivered to the phone box before the end of the programme, to setting off flares or sky rockets to provide visual clues as to where you are..
  • You may be given packages on the day of transmission which relate to the stunt. These packages will be sealed and must not be opened until you are requested to do so on air. Opening such packages before you are given permission to do so may result in disqualification.

Provided runners are NOT eliminated during the live show:-

  • They win that week's accumulated money.
  • Will run for another week

If Runners ARE eliminated:-

  • They are immediately out of the game.
  • They may keep any monies won and accumulated on previous weeks but lose the current weeks prize money.
  • At the end of the live show, if the runners have not been caught, they will receive a weekly supply of tapes and a task. Runners are allowed to remain in the same grid square until 6.00 am the next morning if they so wish.
  • They must check in with the Runner Producer to confirm they have received their task details.
  • The Tracker will not move out of the grid square the live show was played in until the 9.00 am call the next morning.
  • The Tracker is not allowed to begin tracking until 9.00 am.
  • At the end of the live show, if the runners have been caught, they must give their equipment and cash point card to the Producer/Director from the tracking team. They will be given their fare home.

New Runners

  • New runners will leave the studio with details of their tasks and runner equipment and have 12 hours to get to the starting point of their choice (i.e.7.30pm - 7.30 am). During this time no grid squares will be counted. By 8.30 am the next morning they must call the Runner Producer and tell her where they spent the night. They may remain in London over night. Their Tracker will be informed at 9.00 am the next morning. The Tracker is not allowed to start tracking until that time.

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