We've Got Your Number



Brian Conley


Julia Bradbury

Voice of the Balls: Alan Dedicoat


Bazal for BBC One, 27 February to 22 May 1999 (13 episodes in 1 series)


Brian Conley hosts the show where The Balls Decide.

A very simple show. There are basically two games in each episode where the National Lottery balls will decides the outcome of a dispute or the difficulty of a game. Games included:

Odd or Even - Two people have a dispute to settle, such as one person wants green curtains and another turquoise. The Bonus Ball being odd or even determines the colour of their front room.

Second Chance - The player had lost something in life. The show gives them a chance to win it back with interest by playing a game, the difficulty of which will depend on which balls come out during the National Lottery draw.

The Magnificent Seven - Seven people with 'talent' are given the chance to shine provided the Bonus Ball bounces their way. Each act is given seven numbers from 1-49m and whichever one corresponds with the Bonus ball is given their 15 minutes (well, two) of fame.

Brian hosts it well because he seems naturally in the centre of attention and is usually quite funny with it. However, he does tend to sing quite a lot.

The best way to decide if a Lottery show is any good is if it would stand on its own merits without the lottery draw with it. Sadly, this one wouldn't. That said, it was the best attempt so far, something borne out by its decent ratings.

Key moments

The rather brilliant title sequence featuring the numbers 1 to 49 being represented by all sorts of real-life scenarios (a crate of half-a-dozen eggs for 6, the Roman numeral XI on a clock for 11, two rubber ducks in a bath for 22, etc.), ending with the 49 ball coming out during a Lottery draw.


"The balls will decide."

Theme music

Christian Henson


Philippa Forrester was originally slated to be the host for the show, which was going to be called Your Number's Up.

Original logo, before the last-minute name change

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It's Saturday night, We've Got Your Number.

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