What's News?



Charles Golding


Tina Baker


TV-am, 1984-5


Children's quiz with questions on news and specialist subjects.

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The following outtake, introducing a specialist subject round, was seen on It'll Be Alright on the Night 7:

Golding: "We head for the history round, three questions based on what your studying at school, we start with you Rupert and you're studying the History of Industrial Revolution"
Rupert: "No"
Golding: "You're not? Well, um...that was the area I believed you were studying. What are you studying?"
Rupert: "The French Revolution"
Golding: "Right, we'll have to hold it there, I'm afraid."

Image:Whatsnews charlesgolding.jpgCharles Golding brings colour television into disrepute
Image:Whatsnews contestant.jpgA contestant, fresh from not studying the History of Industrial Revolution


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