Gyles Brandreth


Team captains: Anthony Holden and Stella Duffy (2003), Lucy Moore (2004-5)


BBC Radio 4, 29 October 2003 to 9 November 2005 (18 episodes in 3 series)


Quite an enjoyable romp through the world of celebrity gossip and scandal with ver Brandreth at the helm.

The two teams of two celebrities were first invited to work out whether a particular rumour about a given celebrity was true, false or a 'whisper' (i.e. an allegation of scandal that was real, not just made up by Brandreth, but has since been proven to be false).

In another round, Brandreth would read out shortened biographies of celebrities and the teams had to buzz in to fill in the missing words.

The halfway point is marked by a chat section, like Quote... Unquote, before going into a categories round with the subjects chosen via silly sound effects.

After the inevitable quickfire round, there was a neat twist at the end in that one of the things Brandreth had said during the whole programme was, in itself, a whisper - i.e. an untruth. If either team could spot what it was, they would get 5 bonus points which could swing the whole game.


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