Who Goes There?



Martin Young


Team captains: Fred Housego and Francis Wheen


BBC Radio 4, 27 November 1995 to 27 March 2002 (at least 30 episodes in at least 5 series)


By-the-numbers panel game about celebrity and historic characters.

The initial Archive Round is the most fun, featuring archive clips of famous people from the BBC archives. "Also Known As" is a straight Q&A about noms de plume, stage names and other aliases.

"Curriculum Vitae" involves reading out facts from a famous person's life, and the team have to interrupt as soon as possible to win the maximum 4 points. The points drain away as more clues are given.

The next round involves clips or quotations based around a certain theme or profession, and the one after that is also quotation-based featuring people speaking about themselves.

The final round features questions about those with fleeting fame, such as Tonya Harding and Judge Lance Ito.

How it got so many series is a little mind boggling, as Young is not a natural host - being rather too hyper - and the rounds are patchy in quality. Furthermore, although the panellists work in teams of two, there is little team work as they each receive individual questions.


Written by Hugh Rycroft and Nick Hildred


Originally the series featured three guests, but Francis Wheen and Fred Housego were invited to become team captains.


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