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Series 4, Show 1: Geoff Aquatias


Q) What gift is associated with a fifteenth wedding anniversary?

Took a free guess at "China"

Stays on £32,000.


a) Ivory

c) Lace

b) Crystal

d) China

Series 4, Show 1: Kenny Allan


Q) Which of these flags is hoisted on a ship about to leave port?

Used the 50:50 lifeline to leave "Blue Peter" and "White Ensign".

Doesn't know - takes the money.


a) Blue Peter

c) Union Jack

b) Red Ensign

d) White Ensign

Series 4, Show 1: Peter Thomas


Q) In the late 19th Century, which religious leader was declared to be infallible?

Uses 50:50 to leave "Dalai Lama" and "Pope". Previously, 55% of the audience voted for C, 27% For D.

Eventually decides to go with the audience - but they were wrong! Loses all but £1,000.


a) Aga Khan

c) Dalai Lama

b) Archbishop of Canterbury

d) Pope

Series 4, Show 2: Jonathan Green


Q) Which of these queens did Henry VIII refer to as his "Flanders Mare"?

Used his remaining audience lifeline. Around 45% vote for A, 25% For B and C, and 5% For D.

Didn't want to risk it - took the money (even though audience were correct).


a) Anne of Cleves

c) Catherine of Aragon

b) Anne Boleyn

d) Catherine Howard

Series 4, Shows 2-3: Graham Hooper


Q) Which aviator was nicknamed The Lone Eagle?

The friend he phones doesn't have a clue.

Takes a free stab at Amelia Earhart. Stays on £32k.


a) Charles Lindbergh

c) Louis Bleriot

b) Amelia Earhart

d) Amy Johnson

Series 4, Show 3: Tony Stanton


Q) Which of the Marx brothers was the youngest?

Both he and the friend he phones think it's Groucho.

Decides to take the money.


a) Zeppo

c) Groucho

b) Harpo

d) Chico

Series 4, Show 3: John Evans


Q) Which garden plants are classified as "Hybrid teas", "Floribundas", "Climbers" and "Ramblers"?

Phones a friend, who says he knows that ivy has climbers and ramblers.

He goes with his friend. Loses all but £1,000.


a) Clematis

c) Honeysuckle

b) Ivy

d) Rose

Series 4, Shows 3-4: Neil Reid


Q) Which country was the first to give women the vote?

Thinks it might be "Finland". Uses 50:50 to leave Iceland and New Zealand.

Now thinks it's Iceland, but takes the money.


a) Russia

c) Finland

b) Iceland

d) New Zealand

Series 4, Show 4: Peter Turner


Q) What is the name of the Spanish parliament?

Uses 50:50 to leave "Prado" and "Cortez".

Doesn't have a clue. Takes the money.


a) Alhambra

c) Cortez

b) Prado

d) Granada

Series 4, Show 4: Tony Watt


Q) How does a possum defend itself when attacked?

Has been on the show before (in the final 10). Used all three lifelines on the previous question.

Took the money.


a) Head in sand

c) Spits poison

b) Extends spines

d) Plays dead

Series 4, Shows 4-5: Annie Locke


Q) Which US car manufacturer made the famous Bearcat model?

Phones a friend who doesn't know. Askes the audience. Split is 10%-47%-10%-33%.

Goes with audience - but is wrong! Drops back to £32k.


a) Oldsmobile

c) Du Pont

b) Pontiac

d) Stutz

Series 4, Show 5: Andy Evans


Q) Ecuador is a country in South America. What does its Spanish name mean?

Has blown his lifelines on previous questions.

Does not have any idea so takes the money.


a) Horse country

c) Land of honesty

b) Universal

d) Equator

Series 4, Show 5: Steve Jackson


Q) How many days after Easter Day is Ascension Day?

Phones a friend, who tentatively offers seven.

Decides to take the money.


a) Seven

c) Twenty-eight

b) Fourteen

d) Forty

Series 4, Shows 5-6: Allen Langer


Q) For what is Jodrell Bank in Cheshire famous?

He's a native American, so didn't know. Phoned a friend who suggested the right answer.

Took the money.


a) US Air Force base

c) Horticultural gardens

b) Radio telescope

d) Gold reserve

Series 4, Show 6: Sonia Davies


Q) The spice saffron is obtained from which flower?

Thinks its hyacinth, but possibly crocus.

After much deliberation, takes the money.


a) Crocus

c) Daffodil

b) Tulip

d) Hyacinth

Series 4, Show 6: Jayne Bentley


Q) Who resides at Castel Gandolfo during the summer months?

Asks the audience then uses 50:50. 50% voted for A, 34% For B.

Luckily, she takes the money.


a) King of Spain

c) Tony Blair

b) Pope

d) Luciano Pavarotti

Series 4, Shows 6-7: Val Fitzsimmons


Q) How many degrees Fahrenheit is Gas mark 6?

Uses 50-50 to leave "350" and "400".

Takes the money.


a) 300

c) 400

b) 350

d) 450

Series 4, Show 7: Gary Wilson


Q) Which of these cities is particularly associated with the artist Canaletto?

Uses 50-50 to leave "Venice" and "Vienna". Phones a friend, who says "Venice" but it's a wild guess.

Decides to take the money.


a) Valencia

c) Vienna

b) Verona

d) Venice

Series 4, Show 7: Dave West


Q) Vishnu and Brahma are gods of which religion?

Uses 50-50 to leave "Hinduism" and "Buddhism". Phones a friend, who suggests "Hinduism".

Decides to take the money.


a) Hinduism

c) Buddhism

b) Shintoism

d) Taoism

Series 4, Show 7: Mike Cooke


Q) The male of which fish carries the fertilised eggs in a pouch?

Has no lifelines left. Says he pretty sure the answer's sturgeon.

Answered incorrectly. Loses everything but £1,000.


a) Eel

c) Haddock

b) Sturgeon

d) Seahorse

Series 4, Show 8: Peter Arnold


Q) In which English city did the Peterloo Massacre take place in 1819?

Thinks it might be "Liverpool", but wasn't sure. Didn't have any lifelines left.

Takes the money.


a) Manchester

c) Sheffield

b) Liverpool

d) Birmingham

Series 4, Shows 8-9: John Penn


Q) On its first commercial flight, the French Concorde flew from Paris to which city?

Used a 50-50 to leave A and C. Phoned a friend who suggested C as his best guess.

Decides to take the money.


a) Johannesburg

c) Rio de Janeiro

b) Mexico City

d) Ottawa

Series 4, Show 9: Perry Poole


Q) When Margaret Thatcher became a Baroness, which name did she use in her title?

Used her last lifeline to leave answers B and D.

Decides she wants to gamble. After a long debate, she picks D. Wrong answer!


a) Rievaulx

c) Chieveley

b) Kesteven

d) Levene

Series 4, Show 9: Steve Fleming


Q) Which of these soccer teams has never played in the final game of a World Cup tournament?

Uses 50-50 to leave A and B.

Despite being a football fan, he doesn't know. Happy to take the money.


a) Spain

c) Hungary

b) Sweden

d) France

Series 4, Show 9: Tracey Pike


Q) The aircraft Spruce Goose was built by which American millionaire?

Had used all her lifelines at this point.

Decided to take the money.


a) Howard Hughes

c) William Randolph Hearst

b) John D. Rockefeller

d) David O. Selznick

Series 4, Shows 9-10: Nicole Lovatt


Q) Who invented the mercury thermometer?

Phoned a friend, who thought it was A.

Took the money.


a) Kelvin

c) Fahrenheit

b) Celcius

d) Centigrade

Series 4, Show 10: Peter Alderson


Q) Which is a Paul Jones?

Had no lifelines left. Took a free shot at D.

Wrong answer. Stays on £32,000.


a) Knot

c) Cocktail

b) Dance

d) Apple

Series 4, Shows 10-11: Adele Bateman


Q) Which of the following was a nickname for Napolean Bonaparte?

Uses remaining 50-50 lifeline to leave answers C and D.

Decides to go for C. Wrong answer - loses £3,000.


a) Little General

c) Little Emperor

b) Little Soldier

d) Little Corporal

Series 4, Show 11: Neil Hathaway


Q) On which river is the Grand Coulee Dam?

Phoned his brother, who thought it might be C.

Decided to take the money.


a) Hudson

c) Colorado

b) Mississippi

d) Columbia

Series 4, Show 11: Simon Murray


Q) The forint is the unit of currency of which country?

Had no idea, and no lifelines left.

Took the money.


a) Chile

c) Cuba

b) Hungary

d) Peru

Series 4, Shows 11-12: Di Newberry


Q) Which of these people was born Julia Wells?

Plays remaining 50-50 to leave B and C.

Decides to plump for B. Wrong answer. Stays on £32k.


a) Julie Christie

c) Julie Andrews

b) Julie Walters

d) Julia Somerville

Series 4, Show 12: Mick Baines


Q) A felucca is a small boat usually sailed on which stretch of water?

Had 50-50 left, but didn't want to use it because he already knew it was A or B. Used it... and the computer left A or B!

Took a stab at B. Wrong answer! Loses everything but £1,000.


a) Mediterranean Sea

c) South China Sea

b) Lake Victoria

d) South Pacific Ocean

Series 4, Show 12: Ian Yule


Q) In an Indian restaurant, which vegetable is known as "brinjal"?

Had no lifelines left at this stage.

Decided to take the money.


a) Spinach

c) Aubergine

b) Potato

d) Courgette

Series 4, Show 12: Edd Wilkinson


Q) Which tennis term is widely thought to derive from the French word for egg?

Phones a friend, who thinks it's A, confirming Edd's suspicion.

Wrong answer! Loses everything but £1,000.


a) Deuce

c) Love

b) Serve

d) Out

During the series, 34 contestants have won a total of £1,015,000.

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