Wudja? Cudja?

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Abbie Eastwood and Jayne Sharp


Brighter Pictures for ITV2, 18 July 2002 to 2003


Cheap dare show for ITV2 where our perky presenters randomly accost up-for-it looking members of the public on a street somewhere sunny (or, failing that, Blackpool) and ask them if they're up for a challenge to win some cash. These tend to be quite humiliating, nasty, titillating and/or cheap.

One person gets the chance to win £1000 in the Accumulator where they don't have to do one challenge but a whopping three (one after another) with failure at any stage resulting in no cash.

This is tucked away in the schedules where no-one is likely to see it, which is the best thing for it really.


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