You Don't Say



Paul Ross


Carlton (regional), 27 August to 29 October 2000 (10 episodes in 1 series)


Scheduling curio based on Taboo. There's nothing a Midlands audience likes more than 1980s board game conversions.

The studio set

Mr Ross cajoles four members of the public to join teams led by two world-famous local celebrities such as Stephen Mulhern and Charlie Neil (you know, the Central Tonight weathergirl).

It's Paul Ross! Don't get too excited, now

In the first round, the clue giver has to get their two team mates to say a certain word without themselves saying one of three pre-determined keywords that are taboo.

This is quite an easy one

The second round is much the same, except now there are five naughty words that must be avoided.

The first round

The third, incongruous, round is played on the buzzer. Here, Paul reads out sets of up to five keywords and the teams have to buzz in to guess the target word.

The buzzer round

The winning pair of contestants go forward to the end game, where five more mystery words have to be described. If the other team member can say them within 60 seconds, they get the £1000 jackpot, with decreasing amounts of money for increasing amounts of fail.

The exciting endgame


They had to keep rewinding the tape to ensure that the team members didn't say one of the taboo words, which might explain the bored-sounding audience.


Bruce Sterten, based on the board game Taboo.

Theme music

Mike Woolmans


Setting up the endgame
We're bamboozled


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