Andrew Brittain

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Announcer on:

Hotel Getaway

Stars in Their Eyes

You've Been Framed!


Direct from the stable of the old Granada continuity department, actor Andrew Brittain began his stint at Granada in the late 80s as an announcer and bulletin newsreader. He's best known in our quarters though as the voice of Stars in Their Eyes and a couple of other networked shows from Granadaland that Charles Foster wouldn't touch.

Andrew joined the Granada news team in the mid 90s as their chief bulletin newsreader and stayed until 2002. He's still hard at work today on voiceovers - his most recent work including radio adverts for the Highways Agency, TV adverts and narration for ITV's tribute to Jeremy Beadle. Oh, and also in-store announcements for one of those Makro cash-and-carry stores.


Andrew's voice was also heard nationally on the highly regarded current affairs series World In Action which also boasted fellow Granada announcers Jim Pope, Charles Foster and Sue Robbie as narrators.


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