BBC Gardener of the Year



Alan Titchmarsh and Charlie Dimmock (1999)

Diarmuid Gavin (2000-02) (and Rachel de Thame from 2000)

Monty Don (2003-05)

Joe Swift (2006-08) (and Carol Swift from 2007)

Toby Buckland (2009)


Anne Swithinbank (2000)
Rachel de Thame (2002, 04)
Joe Swift (2000, 02, 05-06)
Adam Pasco (2003-06)
Carol Klein (2003)
James Alexander-Sinclair (2003)
Chris Beardshaw (2004)
Sarah Raven (2005)
Andy Sturgeon (2006)


BBC Two, 5 November 1999 to 23 October 2009 (2008 as Gardener of the Decade, 2009 incorporated into Gardeners' World)


Annual gardening competition (as if you couldn't guess). The contestants are tested on their knowledge and technique, and have to create a show garden (changed to a domestic garden in 2005, and an RHS-standard border in 2007) in a limited time. 2009 saw the competition broadcast as part of Gardeners' World, with a viewers' phone vote accounting for 50% of the final scores.


1999 Katherine Crouch
2000 David Rosewarne
2001 Adrian Walsh
2002 Edwin Rye
2003 Dianne Fryer
2004 Diana Guy
2005 Helen Brading-Miles
2006 Sue Beesley
2007 Bob Tridgett
2009 Hilary Barnes

Gardener of the Decade
2008 Katherine Crouch


Image:Gardener of the year 5 champions.jpgThe first five champions line up in chronological order
Image:Joe_swift_headshot.jpgFormer host, Joe Swift


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