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Dale Winton has been described as everything from "the new Larry Grayson" to "a national treasure". His background comes from DJ-ing, including stints at Nottingham and Wolverhampton.

He's gone on to present prime-time shows for the BBC, including the highly successful In It to Win It, which at one point was beating Millionaire in the ratings.


He appears in the cult film Trainspotting.

Way back in the mists of time, Dale once applied to be a contestant on The Sky's the Limit. At the audition, another prospective contestant told him that the trick to getting on quiz shows was not to get too many questions right in the audition, because producers didn't like people who were too smart. (This, incidentally, remains very good advice even today - especially if you're going for a show like In It to Win It.) Unfortunately, Dale didn't believe her, breezed through the audition, and was rejected.

His mother committed suicide.

Books / Tapes

Dale Winton's "Supermarket Sweep" Quiz Challenge

Dale Winton: My Story (paperback) | (hardback) | (tape)


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