Fully Booked



Paul Brophy (original host)

Chris Jarvis

Grant Stott


Gail Porter and Tim Vincent (team captains)


BBC Scotland for CBBC, 1995-9 Broadcast on BBC1 (1995) and BBC2 (1996-9)


Fully Booked was one of those kids' weekend shows that nobody liked very much, but nobody could come up with anything better for the same budget. Filmed on Friday afternoons for broadcast on Sunday morning, it didn't even have the anything-can-happen thrill of live television to help it along. What it did have, though, was two mildly interesting gameshow segments.

Buried Treasure was an outward-bound adventure game which involved Grant Stott taking some kids and some celebrities into some woodland in Scotland (namely Lochgoilhead) where they performed outdoor based adventure tasks which earnt them bits of a treasure map. In the final game they'd have a certain amount of time to find prizes in an old pirate camp using metal detectors. This was also repeated as a show in its own right in the school holidays.

There was also a time-filling studio-based segment at the anticlimax of each show, The End of the Show Show - pretty much your usual weekend kids TV silliness (the physical challenges were the usual slapstick games, and the quiz rounds were full of trick questions). Initially this was hosted by Paul Brophy in full Elvis Presley garb with regular hosts Grant Stott and Various Aussie Soap Actresses Co-Presenter (mainly Sarah Vandenberg) as team captains. Later on, Chris Jarvis took over the host role and attempted to fill the script with as much innuendo as possible. We're guessing he doesn't do that so much on Cbeebies.


During the later incarnation, the buzzer sounds were the captains name. Gail's was fast and squeeky while a dapper posh voice would exclaim "Timothy!".


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