Gameshow Marathon

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Ant & Dec (2005)

Tess Daly and Vernon Kay (2007)


Announcer: Peter Dickson


Granada London for ITV1, 17th September 2005-29th October 2005 and 2007


To mark ITV's 50th anniversary (and also, we suspect, try out various old shows for a potential full-scale revival), Ant & Dec presented this series of revivals during the autumn of 2005.

For more info, please see the pages for the individual shows:

In addition to Challenge's revivial of Bullseye, both Family Fortunes and The Price is Right were brought back for full runs afterwards.

It will return with that other ITV showbiz "cupple", Tess Daly and Vernon Kay.


Perhaps surprisingly, this umbrella format has actually been sold abroad. Granada have made a version for CBS, using old American game shows, FreMantle are to make a French version, and there's also a German version in the pipeline (we're pulling for Maus Res Auss, Riskier Was!, Punkt, Punkt, Punkt!, Die 100,000-DM Show, Glucksrad and Geh Aufs Ganze for that one, obviously).


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