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U is for... Underscore - Constant background music played at a low but audible volume for the purpose of heightening dramatic tension.


Title Genre
Ulster Schools Quiz Quiz, academic, regional (Northern Ireland)
The Ultimate Playboy Reality
Ultimate Shopper Reality
Ultimate Sports Day Childrens, sports
Ultimate Traveller Lifestyle
The Ultimate West Wing Challenge Quiz, themed (West Wing)
Ultra Quiz Quiz, general knowledge
The Umpire Strikes Back Comedy panel game (sports)
Unanimous Reality
Unbeatable Banzuke Action/adventure
The Unbelievable Truth Radio, comedy panel game
Unbreakable Stunt/dare show, reality
Undercover Dads Childrens
Undercover Lovers Dating
The Underdog Show Lifestyle, reality
Under Manning Comedy panel game
Under Offer Panel game
Under Pressure Sports
Unearthed Reality, Creative
The Unfair Quiz Radio, comedy panel game
University Challenge Quiz, academic
UnsignedAct Variety, reality
Unzipped Stunt/dare show
Up for the Cup Variety
Upshot Quiz, general knowledge
Upstaged Variety
UTV Schools Choir of the Year Variety, regional (Northern Ireland)
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