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Chris Kelly


Usually with a guest chef such as Nick Nairn or Antony Worrall-Thompson.


ITV, mid to late 90s

BBC, 5 July to 26 August 1999 (35 episodes)


Probably thanks to the tremendous success of other cookery game shows (notably all on BBC1) Ready Steady Cook and Can't Cook, Won't Cook, this was originally ITV's response. It was sponsored by the pickling kings Crosse and Blackwell, mind, so don't mess.

Two teams answer questions about food, and the resident chef for the week cooks. There are a couple of nice touches. As the chef cooks, a little microwave style timer counts down in the background and teams buzz in when they think they know what the chef is making - a nice little touch. Then they'd be follow up questions about various ingredients or whatever, but it all seems a little pointless somewhat.

Host Chris Kelly, the handsome devil.

Another credibility downer occurs at the halfway stage, where the teams get to play Stock Your Larder. Teams put food in various pigeon holes of differing values, and have to answer the (maximum nine) questions they nominate in 60 seconds. In reality, it's just a small version of Jeopardy! (except they don't have to respond "What is cous-cous?").

In Ready, Steady, Cook and Can't Cook, Won't Cook, a lot of the entertainment comes in the people, their skill (and lack of) and contestants themselves. Food can't talk. It certainly can't play Twister and it's hardly going to be any good at Karaoke, is it? No, it is inanimate.

The system is fine but the questions would only be able to be answered by (a) somebody with a general knowledge the size of India, or (b) somebody who likes cooking, hardly great for someone who shops down Tesco's every week, is it?

The Beeb caught us by surprise by bringing the show back on their channel for a 1999 season, with Chris Kelly still installed as host.

Key moments

The inevitable taste test: Can you name each different cheese by taste alone? That will be something you can play along at home, then.

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