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Long-serving BBC news anchor for the South East of England and the only person on this site to have a sport named after him (apart from Alan Gaelicfootball). Ground out seven series of the amiable-enough Clive Doig quizzer Turnabout. These days, his voice is often heard on the interactive TV updates for BBC Sport and his face is on Sky News.


Rob was a mystery guest on Through the Keyhole - only to have his house burgled two weeks later.

He once presented the news with such a bad hangover that he had a bucket by the side of his newsdesk.

He once reported on a news story whilst flying in a WWII Spitfire.

Now presents "Top Landing Gear", an aviation podcast, with his brother Jez, the lead singer of Scouting for Girls, and one other bloke. They turned up on a Channel 5-era episode of Eggheads in 2022.

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