Sell or Swap



Noel Edmonds


Jonathan Gould (auctioneer)
Lindsey Alexa Gundersen, Danny Sebastian (assistant auctioneers)


Crook Productions for Channel 4, 30 December 2016


This probably stretches being a gameshow a bit, but it features people making binary decisions and other people effectively competing to buy things in a light entertainment capacity so there's certainly a logic to listing it here.

Speaking of which rather than listing their items on eBay they've given them to Noel Edmonds to get rid of live on TV. People on stage and people phoning up at home bid money or items/experiences to win what the seller on stage is selling. At the end of each auction the seller chooses which one of the items they might swap for, then they must make a decision whether to sell their item for the highest amount of money bid or swap it for a chosen item. Invariably people choose the money.

A brave idea (i.e. it's Noel's Swap Shop updated) soiled in the main with too much going on and a strangely backwards take on interactivity (it didn't use the internet at all) - at one point three auctions were happening at once and it was all a bit of a mess to follow.

Sell or swap Noel walks around the crowded set.

Key moments

Noel almost getting whacked by one of the rotating stage divides.


"Are you going to sell... or swap?"

Theme music

Augustin Bousfield, credited for "Music".


Matt Crook, also the Executive Producer.

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