Show Me the Telly



Richard Bacon


Chris Tarrant (team captain)


Shiver for ITV, 25 November to 20 December 2013 (20 episodes in 1 series)


An archive television quiz show, asking whether there's more knowledge amongst the people who watch television, or the people who appear on it.

A team of three takes on some television celebrities, hoping to prove worthy of a £3000 daily prize. The celebrities include such names as Michelle Collins, Ricky Tomlinson, Andi Peters, and Vanessa Feltz. They're all under the captaincy of Chris Tarrant.

The viewers attempt to beat the celebrities in some television games, hoping to win additional time for the final round (host Richard Bacon never misses an opportunity to remind us how difficult it is.) Switch On is a clip from the television archive, followed by four questions for a nominated player.

Round two, Interactive Television, is a catch-all term for various team games. Recognise real television shows from fake ones in TV or Not TV. Work out who said that Catchphrase. Determine who's behind the beard, or complete a TV CV. Close Up is round three, each viewer goes head-to-head against one of the television legends.

Each round won is worth five seconds in that oh-so-difficult final (except that Switch On was worth 10 seconds). Draws and losses count for nothing. Screen Time is a solo effort for the captain, who must answer eight questions on television in the time won, plus one minute. Lifelines allow the captain to confer with their team, and to delete one question. Only if the captain gets these eight right do they hear the Prime Time question, and only if the captain gets this right do they win the daily prize of £3000.

A chatty, conversational quiz - it went out in the 4pm slot as a replacement for Tipping Point - Show Me the Telly profited from imaginative use of the archive. Clips weren't always from ITV's priority shows, or even from ITV shows at all. The questions were a little predictable, the last round was usually a tense finale.


"Richard, Show Me the Telly"

Theme music

Paul Farrer

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