Richard Bacon



Back to Reality

Beer & Pizza Club

The Big Breakfast

The Big Idea

The Big Painting Challenge

Eternal Glory

Fighting Talk (special)

I Literally Just Told You (devisor)

19 Keys

Popcorn (non-broadcast pilot)

Rent Free/Get Staffed

Show Me the Telly

Street Cred Sudoku (co-devisor)

They Think it's All Over (team captain, special)

This is My House (co-devisor)


Richard Bacon grew up in Nottinghamshire and his first TV job was reporting for the original incarnation of L!ve TV. He went on to host Blue Peter but was famously sacked after he admitted to taking cocaine following a News Of The World exposé. It didn't derail his career for long though, and these days he's even welcome back at the BBC and everything.

Richard's career has been long and unpredictable. He's done entertainment - The Big Breakfast, Back to Reality, The Big Painting Challenge. He's done current affairs - Young Voters' Question Time on BBC3, a weekday show on Radio 5, and daily American news magazine Top 30. He's since devised a slew of his own formats, including This is My House on BBC1, The Hustler for America's ABC and I Literally Just Told You for Channel 4.


He was also a panellist on the 2004 one-off The Simpsons Quiz Show.

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