Space Cadets (1)



Greg Proops


Team captains: Craig Charles and Bill Bailey


Wark-Clements for Channel 4, 15 July to 16 September 1997 (10 episodes in 1 series)


Have I Got News for You = News. Important and found everyday.

They Think it's All Over = Sport. Popular and found everyday.

Never Mind the Buzzcocks = Music. Popular and found everyday.

Space Cadets = Science Fiction. Erm...

More formulae for you:

Greg Proops = funny on Whose Line is it Anyway?.

Craig Charles = funny on BBC comedy series Red Dwarf.

Bill Bailey = funny generally.

So for five marks, does Greg Proops + Craig Charles + Bill Bailey = three times the laughs? Sadly not.

The rounds were pretty vanilla - what happens next?, what's this prop for?, explain what's going on in this picture, and a quickfire round.

You see, there's only so much you can "do" with sci-fi before the "yeah, I probably went out with that alien" jokes are the best you can do. Moreover - nobody cared. The funniest bits of the show was host Greg Proops arguing with his 2001 HAL-style computer (called AL, although Proops often forgot and called him HAL anyway) which did all the scoring. Ah well.


The teams were called the Meteors (led by Charles) and the Comets (Bill Bailey and the Comets, geddit?).

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