A Question of TV



Gaby Roslin


Team captains: Rowland Rivron and Lorraine Kelly


BBC North West for BBC One, 5 July to 29 August 2001 (8 episodes in 1 series)


One of the annoying things about the BBC is that when they have an original hit, they do have a tendency to flog it for all its life instead of looking for the next original hit. The Your Kids are in Charge debacle is a good example of this. Therefore, we turn with some trepidation to the third full instalment of the "A Question Of..." brand.

File:Questionoftv set.jpgThe smallest set you'll ever see.

As far as the format goes, things pretty much follow the usual pattern except that the picture board only has 6 pictures rather than the 12 laid down by British Standard QoS1967.

Gaby Roslin as choice of host was logical, particularly as she previously presented the one-off A Question of EastEnders, but the chemistry between her (nice though she is) and the celebs (dim though they are) just isn't working.

File:Questionoftv gabyroslin holdingcard.jpgGaby Roslin's question card pose.

Whoever books the celebs on this show needs to be shot at dawn. Why on earth book a vet formerly from Sweden onto a show and ask them about Pinky and Perky? The questions show some signs of good research, but since they are conducted in a semi-farcical manner (rather than sportspeople who are genuinely competitive about winning the game) that the whole thing all seems rather wishy-washy.

Enough is enough. This is the classic case of diminishing returns, we're afraid. The graphics get flashier while the content gets dumber. Think Jurassic Park 3 and you're almost there.

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