As Seen On TV



Steve Jones


Team captains: Fern Britton and Jason Manford


Shine for BBC One, 17 July to 3 September 2009 (8 episodes in 1 series)


Steve Jones hosts as team captains Fern Britton and Jason Manford, along with well-known faces from the world of entertainment, answer questions on popular television, across five rounds.

That's a big turtle

In the first round, entitled What's On TV?, the teams are shown six categories. Each of these categories is named after a TV programme, and the name of the programme gives a clue as to what question that category hides.

The categories used in the first round are -

  • Big Break - The team have to work out which member of the opposing team/another celebrity made their first TV appearance on a specific programme.
  • Extras - The team must work out which celebrity has appeared as an extra in a given TV programme.
  • Futurama - A picture of a celebrity is altered to make them look older. The team must work out who the celebrity is.
  • Location, Location, Location - The team are shown a photo of a famous TV location. The team must guess both the location and the TV programme it features in.
  • M*A*S*H - A clip from a TV programme is shown to the team, whilst music from a different programme is played over the top. The team must guess what both programmes are.
  • One Foot in the Grave - The team must guess how a character from a TV show met their demise.
  • Songs of Praise - A video clip of a church congregation singing a well-known TV theme tune is played to the team, who must guess what programme the theme tune belongs to.
  • Surprise, Surprise - A straight-forward game of 'What Happens Next?'. A video clip is shown, before being paused shortly before something unexpected happens. The team have to work out what.
  • The Apprentice - A video clip from a famous TV location is shown, However the clip was filmed by an 'apprentice cameraman', hence the video is out-of-focus and jumps around etc. The team must work out which famous TV location is featured in the clip.
  • The Clangers - A video clip is played of a gaffe shown on TV from years gone by, with some words blanked out. The team must guess what words were said.
  • Top of the Pops - A Beatboxer by the name of "Beardyman" performs a well-known TV theme tune. The team has to guess which programme the theme tune belongs to.
  • What Not to Wear - A video clip is shown of the host dressing up as a well-known character from a TV programme. The team has to guess which character.
  • Who Do You Think You Are? - The team is shown a photo of the presenters/cast members from a TV programme. However the heads of the presenters/cast members from another TV programme have been superimposed onto the original photo. The team must name both programmes.
  • The X Factor - The team are shown three characters from different TV programmes, who all had a relationship with the same person. The team must work out who that person is.

Each team member picks one category (meaning all six categories in each programme are used), however they do not have to answer on their own, and can get help from their fellow team members. One point is awarded for each correct answer.

In the second round, unimaginatively called TV Years, each team is shown a video clip of TV programmes which were all first shown in the same year. At the end of the clip, they are asked two questions about what they have just seen, with one point on offer for each correct answer. A further point is available for guessing the year in which the programmes shown in the clip first appeared.

The third round, called Thingy Off The Telly, sees a person who has been on the TV in a particular programme, stand in the centre of the studio on a revolving platform. The team in play can ask them a number of questions in order to determine who they are, and what programme they appeared in. However, the person can only reply with yes or no answers. If the team correctly identifies the person and the programme they were on in a timely manner, they are awarded a point. If not, it is passed over to the opposing team. Once one team has had a go, a new person comes on stage, and the other team takes their turn.

The fourth round takes one of two forms, and accordingly has two names - TV Gold or TV Lists. In TV Gold, the team is shown a clip from a TV programme from years gone by. After the clip, they are asked three questions with a point on offer for each correct answer. In TV Lists, prior to the start of the show, the studio audience are polled, and asked which people/places/programmes etc from a list of nine are their favourites. The team must guess which of the nine the audience ranked as their top three, with a point on offer for each correct guess. A further point is on offer if the team can correctly guess the audience's favourite.

The final round, Name That Show, is a quick-fire round on the buzzer, and sees the teams shown photos of different TV programmes. When they can name the programme, they must buzz in. Two points are awarded for a correct answer, however one point is deducted for providing an incorrect answer. At the end of this round, the points are totalled, and whoever has the most points is declared the winner.

Theme music

Paul Farrer


The programme gives a credit to Unique Productions, presumably as it has similarities to Telly Addicts.

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Britton, Jones and Manford (As Seen On TV). See what I did there?

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