Bobby Bragg



Bob's Full House (announcer)

Bullseye (warm-up)

Gladiators (warm-up)

Grudge Match (announcer)

Pets Win Prizes (announcer)

The Price is Right (announcer)

Supermarket Sweep (voiceover and commentator)

You Bet! (announcer)


Professional warm-up man and voiceover artiste Bobby Bragg is someone we keep confusing with Billy Bragg, socialist singer/songwriter, despite being a well liked comedian of over thirty years standing.

Bobby sadly died on 25th October 2016, following a battle with pancreatic cancer.


In a strange co-incidence, Randy West who did the commentating for the US Supermarket Sweep, was also its warm-up. Actually it's not all that strange, come to think about it.

He was the warm-up for the episode of Friends set in London.


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