Ted Robbins


Action Time for Granada (not networked), 4 January 1991 to 1 March 1993 (? - may include one or more repeat runs)


Teatime quiz show played by three parent-and-child pairs, with a mixture of then-and-now rounds and theoretically age-neutral puzzle questions a la Beat the Teacher. A music round featured tunes played by the Brighton Bottle Orchestra (what's a local Granadaland show doing shipping in an act from the south coast?).

The Brighton Bottle Orchestra... but which 1960s song are they performing? (Answer at the bottom of the page.)

The prize endgame had the winning team facing questions about their own family, secretly set by another relative - impossible to play along with but fun to watch.


Credited to "Action Time and Stuart Prebble".


The song being performed in that screenshot was "Yellow Submarine". The clues were there!


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