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Angellica Bell


Narrator: Ted May

Mentors: Ross Archer, Lauren Newton, Brian Martin, and Sara Turner


Zeppotron and Initial for ITV2, 2 September to 23 October 2008 (8 episodes in 1 series)


Clearly trying to do a reverse Brian Dowling, eleven people who have had enough of celebrity take on a proper job: air stewards on real flights. We were hoping that the losers would be thrown out of a plane in mid-flight, but this isn't Drop the Celebrity.

If we had high hopes, so did the competitors. They had to take a six-week course, and pass exams, before even getting on a plane. The successful candidates were employed by Monarch Airlines, flying on routes between the UK and Europe.

The opening week of filming was almost scuppered by a strike amongst regular Monarch employees, and the traditional hours and hours of delays for flights leaving Spain. Passengers were unhappy, complaints were stacking up, and the critics had a field day with all sorts of bad puns.

While planning this show, ITV had completely forgotten the reality of air travel these days: it's not glamorous. Not at all. Deregulation may have brought air travel to the masses, but it's robbed flying of any sparkle it had.

Viewers found the show poor viewing. There's only so much interest in watching planes take off and land, and once you've seen a few airports, you've seen them all. The show lacked strong characters, there was no tremendous tension, and the project turned out to be a no-thrills airline.

Theme music

A cover version of "Getting Better" by The Beatles, which although uncredited on the programme, was performed by indie band Shed Seven.


  • Lisa Maffia (So Solid Crew rapper)
  • Tamara Beckwith (socialite)
  • Chico (The X Factor reject)
  • Phil Cornwell (impressionist)
  • Kenzie (ex-Blazin' Squad singer)
  • Amy Lamé (comedian)
  • Michelle Marsh (glamour model)
  • Dan O'Connor (ex-Neighbours actor)
  • Mica Paris (singer)
  • Lisa Scott-Lee (ex-Steps singer and wife of Johnny Shentall)
  • Johnny Shentall (ex- Hear'Say singer, dancer, and husband of Lisa Scott-Lee)


Lisa Maffia


Lisa Scott-Lee and Johnny Shentall were kicked off the programme after deciding to party the night away at Ibiza superclub Eden, instead of carrying out their duties on the return flight to London.


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