Patrick O'Connell and Libby Potter


BBC Three, 14 February 2003 to 18 March 2004


BBC Three celebrity version of the once zeitgeisty Popex music fantasy share trading game, but instead of buying up shares in artists and bands you bought up shares in celebrities. As people bought and sold stocks their share price rose and fell and at the end of each week shareholders were paid dividends depending on the amount of column inches in the press and time in the media. The week's best trader got to come to the studios and win a small prize.

One of BBC Three's flagship shows its weekly round-ups were quite nicely done in the style of 'proper' finance television with live scrolling share prices across the bottom of the screen and round the studio and plenty of graphs. They were fronted by Patrick O'Connell, who was at one time a popular business correspondent for News 24.

It's The Stocks and Shares Show for the new century!

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Though the show had long since fallen off air, the Celebdaq game continued online until the end of February 2010. It had outlived its parent Popex, which closed in August 2006.


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