The Stocks and Shares Show



John Swinfield


Action Time in association with Anglia for Channel 4, 10 January to 27 March 1988


Four contestants bet money on the Stock Market on a weekly basis, with the aim of making as much money as possible.

Most memorable feature: a bar chart showing how much was invested in each share, and simple animations of the bars extending and contracting as holdings in shares increased and decreased, with appropriately-pitched whining noises.

Improvement via improper gameplay: the contestants realised by about week 4 or 5 that they stood the best chance of winning if they put all their eggs in one basket and invested in one share alone.

The first player to invest all their money in one share caused the bar for his holding of that particular share to reach the end of the screen and the graphics somehow didn't quite work properly ever again after that point.


Jeremy Fox

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