Celebrity Poker Club



Jesse May, with Barny Boatman

Series 2: Jesse May, with Grub Smith

Series 3: Jesse May, with Victoria Coren. Studio interviews: Helen Chamberlain


Floorman: Liam Flood, dealers Marina Rado and Peter Schmid


Presentable for Challenge, 16 October 2003 to 2005 (3 series)


Celebrity version of Late Night Poker made by the same people with the same (or, shock, better) production values for Challenge.

Celebrities battle it out for a shot at the final table and a £25,000 top prize. The celebs aren't paid for their appearences in lieu of potential prizes.

File:Celebrity poker club fisheye.jpgThe poker faces.

For the second series the episodes were extended to 90 minutes, the quality of celeb rose and there were two or three "psychology excerpts", discussing the psychology of poker. For reasons best known to the production team, these were filmed in mock 70s style with a group of Footlights rejects.

File:Celebrity_poker_club_table2.jpgThe dealer.

High points included an excellent bar lounge set and very coherent graphics package. Only real minuses: some of the celeb groups weren't as fun as you might have hoped, and Jesse May's increasingly bizarre commentary was clearly intended to allow for an edit point after every hand. Hearing such paragraphs as "When the nine hits the floor and the Jack runs his trousers up the flagpole, it's time to salute and put your bullets in the holster" time and again started to grate, despite May's consummate professionalism.

File:Celebrity poker club players.jpgThe smug jerks.

Series 3 took another twist, with an all-singing 3D graphics package makeover, a new set and Helen Chamberlain wheeled in to provide some rather unnecessary post-game interviews.

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File:Celebrity poker club set.jpgThe set.
File:Celeb poker club set2.jpgA close up of the table.


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