Jesse May


Casino Casino (voiceover)

Celebrity Poker Club (voiceover)

Late Night Poker (voiceover)

Late Night Poker Ace (voiceover)

Poker Den (voiceover)


US gambler and author of the poker-based novel Shut Up and Deal who latterly can be heard as commentator and/or presenter of poker programmes on many British TV channels.


After the filming of Late Night Poker series 1 had been completed, it was decided that a voiceover would be beneficial to the production. May was chosen since he was the jolliest player known to the producers. However, because he had also played in the very same series, he ended up in the strange situation of commentating on his own play! To avoid confusion, his on-screen persona was rechristened "Mickey Dane" - the name of his (fictional) lead character in Shut Up and Deal.


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