David Mitchell




Beauty and the Geek (narrator)

Best of the Worst (team captain)

The Bubble

Fanorama (team captain)

Have I Got News for You (guest host)

NumberWang (conspirator)


The Unbelievable Truth

Was It Something I Said?

Would I Lie to You? (team captain)


Former president of Cambridge University Footlights, where he formed an enduring double-act with Robert Webb. He went on to star alongside Webb in the sitcom Peep Show and Radio 4's That Mitchell and Webb Sound (which transferred to TV as That Mitchell and Webb Look) and along the way has become a ubiquitous supplier of high-quality off-the-cuff humour to every TV and radio show going.


In March 2012, David announced his intention to marry another Observer columnist, Miss V. E. Coren, by placing an advertisment in The Times.

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