Driving Force



Mike Smith (1984-9)
Stirling Moss (1984-7)
Murray Walker (1988-90)
Sybil Ruscoe (1990)


TWI for BBC1, 20 April 1984 to 26 August 1990 (7 specials)


The collective brains of game show fandom have been wracking their brains to recall this fine piece of Smitty gameshowia, so be grateful for what you're getting. So what do we remember? Celebs are teamed up with pro drivers to perform a number of different driving tests: a "hot hatch" speed circuit, something to do with reversing a trailer into some traffic cones, a tank/duck military vehicle test, and a skidpan round. Rather than being a proper series, it was an annual event.

In 1988 they held it, somewhat anachronistically, in Isola 2000 (the upgrade to Isola 98) in the French Alps for a snow-themed edition where skidoos, piste bashers and finally snow-chains lay in wait for the likes of Derek Warwick, Pat Jennings, Dave Thorpe, Toyah Willcox, Louise Aitken-Walker, Peter Howitt, John Watson and, natch, Lennie Bennett. This one was broadcast at Christmas rather than in the traditional Easter slot.

The 1990 edition was called "Driving Force Down Under" and featured Australian celebrities Rebecca Gibney, Ross Dunkerton, Peter O'Brien, Peter Brock and others alongside Martin Donnelly and Barry Sheene.


The first event was sponsored by Multipart and the next three by Sealink. Shell sponsored the 1988 and 1989 events, and probably 1990 as well.


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