Exit - it's the Way-Out Show



Ed Stewart


Hostesses: Lesley Judd and Jane Tucker

Voiceover: "The Major"


Associated-Rediffusion (regional), 28 September to 28 December 1967 (13 episodes in 1 series)


This was an early evening quiz, only shown in London, sandwiched between the ITN national news and Crossroads on a Thursday night when other regions were showing local news - Rediffusion were not big on local news!

The show's opening titles depicted 'Swinging London' and Ed Stewart (looking like Vernon Kay) fresh from the pirates before his Junior Choice days. It seemed like the beginning of a trendy pop show but in fact it turned out to be a simple word game using big letters, a sort of Countdown meets Play Your Cards Right.

There was a voice-only adjudicator who Ed referred to as 'The Major' and also two hostesses, Jane and Lesley. According to a conversation our researcher had with Ed some years ago, they became Jane from Rainbow's Rod Jane and Freddy, and Lesley became Lesley Judd of Blue Peter.

The contestants were members of the public, apart from the last show at Christmas which had Long John Baldry, Monica Rose (of Double Your Money and The Sky's the Limit fame), Lynn Redgrave and Tim Brooke-Taylor playing the game.


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