Food Glorious Food



Carol Vorderman


Tom Parker Bowles
Loyd Grossman (not Harrogate heats)
Anne Harrison
Stacie Stewart
Andi Oliver (stand-in)


Optomen and SyCo for ITV, 27 February to 24 April 2013 (9 episodes in 1 series)


One great recipe. One outstanding dish. One piece of food to tantalise the palate and energise the mouth. Amateur chefs submitted their morsels of excellence, and told the story lying behind that creation.

Each judge was responsible for a sketchily-defined category:

  • Tom Parker Bowles, a recipe "with culinary heritage"
  • Loyd Grossman, something "to match the curry"
  • Anne Harrison, "traditional home cooking"
  • Stacie Stewart, "a cake or pudding the country will love"

They each selected one dish for the regional final, and agreed on an area winner. The semi-finals tested mass-production, making 150 copies of the dish for a group serving, with one from each semi going to the final, and being put on sale in a leading grocery from Leeds. The winner was given £20,000.

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A white chicken korma entered by Rahila Hussain.

The UKGameshows Curry Department tried the dish and said, "It was good, spicy but not spicy to blow your head off. The green chilli does give it that kick. Only drawback, doesn't come with rice. Shame about the price [£4] as I would have it again."

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The show publicised the hashtag #fgf.

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