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Food critic and heritage spokesman, born in Boston (Massachusetts, not Lincolnshire) in 1950. Before his spell of fame as a TV host, he was a journalist working for Harpers & Queen and the Sunday Times; nowadays he works tirelessly to preserve our national heritage and has his face on lots of cook-in sauces.


Yes, it really is true: Loyd once had a minor hit single, Ain't Doin' Nothin', as lead singer of fantastically obscure new wavers Jet Bronx and the Forbidden. He doesn't sing anymore, but (circumstances permitting) you can still find him at music festivals playing lead guitar in Jet Bronx and the New Forbidden.

After leaving Masterchef, he was signed up amid huge publicity to host a similar show called Cook of the Year for the cable channel Taste CFN. Auditions were held, but the show was abandoned when Sainsbury's withdrew their financial backing from the channel, which closed soon after.

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The 125 Best Recipes Ever

The World on a Plate

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