Heart Make Me a Millionaire



Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden (final hosts)


Heart Radio, 24 February 2020 to present


Barely a game, but for several weeks in the early part of the year Heart Radio runs this promotion which eventually hands out a million pound prize. Listeners need to text in (at premium rate) when they hear a given song or artist on the station, and whoever gets called back can either take the offered prize money (in the low thousands of pounds) or choose to be entered into the million pound final. From those who pick the latter, a random nine get invited to London for the final along with one last-minute winner who doesn't get a choice. (Except in 2022, when they had 29 contestants opt for entry to the final, and brought them all in). In the final, they are called into a vault in random order to pick a box. Whoever picks the right box, wins a million pounds.


2020 Tommy Norton
2021 Shelley Humphries
2022 Paul Clymer
2023 Magaret Coetzer


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