Killer Magic



Narrator: Matt Edmondson


Objective Productions Scotland for BBC Three, 1 April 2014 to 28 April 2015 (pilot + 6 episodes in 1 series)


Competitive magic where the loser might get seriously hurt.

Five young magicians are given a theme for their tricks. One by one, the magicians will make their performance, and be judged by their peers. The performer with the lowest total will perform a forfeit, taking part in a trick that has resulted in serious injury or death.

Much of the programme is similar to Come Dine with Me - the performers get a few minutes to show their abilities, to hide a card in the body of a fish, or to boil an egg while it's in one's underwear. Then they're judged by other performers, and the whole event is subject to a sarcastic voiceover (BBC3 regular Matt Edmondson).

Ooh, I could eat a plate.

The pilot, which aired on April Fools' Day, featured five magicians, and we felt that it moved so quickly as to be superficial. The finale had a strange sense of anticlimax: if someone had been killed, or badly hurt, would we really be seeing it on telly?


Anthony Owen, who is also the executive producer

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