King of the Nerds



Konnie Huq


Greg McHugh (narrator)


Objective Productions (an All3Media company) for Sky 1, 12 July to 30 August 2015 (8 episodes in 1 series)


Eleven "nerds" split into two teams; they're whittled down until one contestant is deemed worthy.

Each episode splits into three parts. There's a "Nerd War", an activity based on something seen as "nerdy".

The winning team gets a reward, and will nominate one of the losing team for elimination. The other person is nominated from amongst the losing side. The second part is an interminable discussion about who to nominate, and why.

Finally, we reach the "Nerd Off", a specialist subject quiz; the contestants have two hours to revise material prepared by the producers. Worst performer is out of the game.


Matt Barr, a "quiz nerd", from Southampton.


Very closely based on the Electus LLC format, shown on TBS in the USA.

Title music

Russell Spurlock, credited for "Music".


Sky sought sponsorship for the programme, saying

"This form of competitive reality show is a favourite among audiences, frequently bringing in a large and loyal viewership, and lighting up the social media world with discussion and debate. With its focus on the competition between some the countries {sic} sharpest minds, King of the Nerds will indubitably garner a similarly loyal following and create an equivalent buzz on social media networks. This sponsorship will therefore enable a brand to target a loyal and engaged audience and further extend their reach by means of the shows talkability."

The show did not attract a sponsor. Nor did it attract a following, loyal or otherwise - overnight figures said 150,000 saw the final episode.

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Just another day in the office for Konnie Huq.

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