Late Night Poker Ace



Victoria Coren


Commentators: Jesse May and Simon "Aces" Trumper

Referee: Thomas Kremser

Dealers: Marina Kremser and Markus Pollak


Presentable for Channel 4, 29 August 2005 to 2006


A competition to find the UK's best amateur, non-celebrity poker player. Nothing particularly different to Late Night Poker - the usual dealers and commentator are all present and correct. The winner wins a "lifestyle package" worth £50,000, whatever that is ($50,000 in series 2).

In 2006, the top players went on to mix with the pros in Late Night Poker Masters with $100,000 cash for the winner.


The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted that Cupid has been busy. Long-time staff on the Late Night Poker series, dealer Marina Rado has changed her surname because she married floor man Thomas Kremser in 2005. Ahhh.

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