Mel Giedroyc


Hindsight Productions for BBC Two, 17 July 2017 to present


Pairs of contestants try to crack a series of passwords. Each correct solution earns letters for later in the game. The winning team gets to crack the final password which unlocks the Letterbox and releases the prize of £2500.

For publicity, host Mel Giedroyc said, "I played a version of this game and was

a) extremely competitive at it,

b) annoyingly bad at it,

c) strangely addicted to it,

d) needed to do more of it,

e) asked the big cheeses if I could present it,

f) was delighted when they said yes,

g) can't wait to start recording the shows and meeting the contestants,

h) hoping to get seriously skilled at playing it so that

i) I'll be able to SMASH IT if the board game comes out.

Now how many letters have I used up?"

This programme has not yet aired. A full review will appear here after broadcast.


David Young, who described the show thus: "It's a word game designed to appeal to a family audience because it doesn't contain any general knowledge questions. On Letterbox you don’t need to be an Egghead to walk away a winner!"


Went out at 6.30, immediately after Eggheads.

Hindsight Productions was established by David Young. This was the company's first BBC commission.

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