Love Bites (1)



"Lily Savage" (Paul O'Grady)


BBC One, 10 November 1999


One of a series of pilots aired by the Beeb in the autumn of 1999, only one of which - Friends Like These - became a fully-fledged series. This particular one was a kitschy show themed around lurrve. Games included three navy wives competing for the chance to visit their husbands in Barbados and a hoopla game to decide whether a man should go on a romantic holiday with his girlfriend or a trip to Amsterdam with his mates. From the description alone it may seem obvious why a series was never commissioned, though actually a more immediate reason the show never returned was that O'Grady signed an exclusive deal with ITV just days before the pilot aired.


At least this pilot made it to air. Another in the series, the Ulrika Jonsson-fronted The Birds and the Bees, was deemed too rude for broadcast.


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