Make Me a Supermodel



Dave Berry (series 1, final only)

Tess Daly (series 1, final only)

Fearne Cotton (series 2, live shows)

Anthony Crank (Make Me a Supermodel Extra, Five Life, series 2)

Jasmine Lennard (Make Me a Supermodel Extra, Five Life, series 2)


Tandy Anderson (judge)

Rachel Hunter (judge)

Perou (judge)

Dylan Jones (judge, series 2)


Tiger Aspect Productions for five and five Life, 1 March 2005 to 16 November 2006 (2 series)


As the name suggests, the aim here was to find a catwalk model. The judging panel included Rachel Hunter (a former wife of Rod Stewart), Tandy Anderson (who will employ the winner), Perou (a fashion photographer), and Dylan Jones (editor of a fashion magazine).

The 2005 series was almost entirely a documentary, following the progress of the all-female contestants as the judges weeded them out. It climaxed in a live final.

The second series, a year and a half later, mixed documentary footage with four interactive "walk-off" programmes, allowing the voting public to determine who would remain in the contest. This contest featured male and female models; the final was between two male contestants.


The 2006 series had shows on Five's new digital channel Five Life. Host Jasmine Lennard, a contestant on the first series, had had many run-ins with lead host Rachel Hunter. After altering the first letter of the latter's surname to an "M" in a live broadcast, Lennard was fired from the show.


  • Series 1: Alice Sinclair
  • Series 2: Albert Mordue

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