Make Me a Supermodel



Dave Berry and Tess Daly (series 1, final only)

Fearne Cotton (series 2, live shows)


Tandy Anderson
Rachel Hunter
Dylan Jones (series 2)

five Life coverage (Make Me a Supermodel Extra): Anthony Crank and Jasmine Lennard (series 2)


Tiger Aspect Productions for five and five Life, 14 March 2005 to 16 November 2006 (2 series)


As the name suggests, the aim here was to find a catwalk model. The judging panel included Rachel Hunter (a former wife of Rod Stewart), Tandy Anderson (who will employ the winner), Perou (a fashion photographer), and Dylan Jones (editor of a fashion magazine).

The 2005 series was almost entirely a documentary, following the progress of the all-female contestants as the judges weeded them out. It climaxed in a live final.

The second series, a year and a half later, mixed documentary footage with four interactive "walk-off" programmes, allowing the voting public to determine who would remain in the contest. This contest featured male and female models; the final was between two male contestants.


The 2006 series had shows on Five's new digital channel Five Life. Host Jasmine Lennard, a contestant on the first series, had had many run-ins with lead host Rachel Hunter. After altering the first letter of the latter's surname to an "M" in a live broadcast, Lennard was fired from the show.


  • Series 1: Alice Sinclair
  • Series 2: Albert Mordue

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