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Beat the Crusher

Beat the Dealer

Bingo Night Live

Can We Still be Friends?

Celebrity Big Brother (participant)

Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins (participant)

Dancing on Ice (participant)

Fort Boyard

The Jump (participant)


Melinda's career has been a series of co-incidences. What started as a bit of modelling for a Swindon double-glazing firm's calendar has led to presenting prime-time programmes for Channel 5, via attention from the national tabloids.

It's not many Page 3 girls that can hold down a decent conversation, but she was extremely competent in guest presenting Jack Doherty's late night chat show. In fact, her chatting skills come from her previous job as customer services manager for a marketing firm.

Melinda was the front-woman for Channel 5's adventure show Fort Boyard, and the bitter relationships show Can We Still be Friends?


In 1998, Melinda married Wayne, her boyfriend who stayed with her throughout her whirlwind career. She also won "Rear of the Year" that same year.

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