No Talent Required



Neil Fox


Mentors: Jonathan Shalit and Richard Connell


RDF Television for ITV1, 11 June 2004


Two groups of people who can't sing are placed in the hands of music business mentors, who attempt to make them into passable vocal groups. After the inevitable "journey" on an "emotional rollercoaster", the two groups perform in the studio and the audience are asked to choose the less awful.

Apparently planned as a series, but the pilot evidently didn't do the required business.


For the record, Richard Connell (BMG's "Head of Rock") mentored a group of cleaning ladies from Sheffield who called themselves Sisters of Steel and performed "Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves". Jonathan Shalit (Charlotte Church's former manager), transformed (er, sort of) a group of refuse collectors from Oldham called Binzone, who sang "That's the Way I Like It", uh huh, uh huh. The cleaners won.

A few weeks after the show aired, the Daily Mail reported that it was going to return as a series under the title "Anyone Can Have a Go". It quoted Foxy as saying, "We thought No Talent Required was just too harsh - and, besides, some of the people on it did have some talent. There will be a few other tweaks as well." The series never happened.


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